Laser Dentistry in Twin FallsWe are always trying to offer our patients the best in dental care and technology. Whenever something comes along that can make the dental experience more relaxing, quicker, or pain free we want to offer that to our patients.

Here at Advanced Dental Care of Twin Falls, we are proud to offer laser dentistry for our patients. We have been offering our dental laser services to our patients since 2009. In fact our office was the first in the Magic Valley to incorporate the most popular laser for restoring teeth, the Waterlase MD. Although others may have copied us, we have the most experience with the wide variety of services that can be offered to make your visit a relaxing and pain free one.

Although laser dentistry is not very common, there are many benefits to using a laser during procedures. The biggest advantage is that we can remove decay from teeth without needing an injection. In fact most children’s teeth are fixed in our office without them ever needing an injection. Most adult teeth cavities can be fixed using it as well. We can also use our laser to treat cold sores and cancer sores. In most cases when a cold sore is lasered it won’t come back in that same spot. Lasers minimize bleeding and post-surgical bacterial infections and can dramatically help heal gum infections. Often, anesthesia and sutures are not needed after procedures when a laser is used.

Lasers can be used for many different dental procedures. It is an efficient way to find cavities. It can be used to fill them without the need for anesthesia. It can be used to re-contour gums that grow up and over a patient’s teeth. It is a great fix for the “gummy smile” without having to perform costly cosmetic procedures. We can also use a laser for dental surgery, like cutting out extra tissue in the mouth, to remove tumors, and much more.

Laser dentistry makes procedures much smoother, more efficient, and less painful for patients. We also use this technology to treat cold sores and reduce their occurrence! Ask for more information at your next appointment!

People who are afraid or very anxious at the dentist find the laser a great way to overcome their anxiety. You will be surprised at how painless it can be to come to the dentist.

If you have any questions or concerns about laser dentistry and how we can help your smile, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (208) 734-8080.