In order to keep you comfortable during your visit, we offer a variety of amenities! Each treatment suite is equipped with a comfort menu to indulge in a 5 star experience!

Don’t let fear leave a bad taste in your mouth.

At Advanced Dental Care of Twin Falls, we understand the fear of the dentist is real. But with state of the art dental technology, there is no longer anything to be anxious of. We’re devoted to making all of your visits quick, easy and pain free. We ensure this by using the best techniques and technology to do so. Our Doctors and Team Members strive to ensure your time with us is comfortable.

Our relaxed dental techniques, such as Nitrous Oxide, Dental Vibe, and our Waterlase™ Dental Laser, allow your visits with us to be a stress free experience. Visit Advanced Dental Care of Twin Falls, where we make you as comfortable as possible, so you can stay as healthy as possible.