— “Andrew via Google
Dr. Rencher does great work. He pays very close attention to all the little details. Always making sure that you are not feeling any pain, and always finishing off with making sure that your bite is just right before you leave. They are good about working around busy schedules. Even willing to go in on a Saturday for emergent dental care. Making going to the dentist a pleasant experience.”

— “Natalie via Facebook
I am one of those people that hate going to the dentist but after going to Advanced Dental Care, they are the only place I will ever go without hating. Best place to go. Everyone is super friendly, awesome! Gives you a tour which is different but pretty amazing. Always frequently asking if you feel pain or in pain/hurting while doing work on you, making sure it’s as much painless as possible. Every dentist I’ve been to, it’s the usual process everyone. Check you in, don’t ask very much questions, do the mouth work on you, finish and out the door you go, happens so quick. I love it, would definitely recommend to family and friends! ”

— “Katherine via Google
I’ve been going to Advanced Dental Care for ten years, I’ve had countless procedures from cleanings to extractions. I’ve never once experienced pain beyond being sore for the day. The entire team is kind, caring, and compassionate. I get teased for enjoying going to the dentist but I’ll happily take that teasing for having such a great dental home!”

— “Rachel
Advanced Dental Care is so welcoming and friendly! The staff is amazing, they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.”

— “Richard via Facebook
I am not a real big fan of going to the Dentist, however with that said, I have to give a thumbs up, five stars, A plus to Advanced Dental!!!! I now go regularly and with considerable less trepidation and anxiety. I would recommend Advanced Dental to each and everyone of my friends and family.”

— “Heidi via Google
Not what you would expect from a dentist office. They gave me a tour right off the bat and introduced me to almost everyone in the office. Made me feel like I was the most important patient they had ever seen. Very professional and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. They explained my options and gave suggestions but ultimately the choice was up to me. Wish I would have found them sooner. I’m so glad I was referred to them! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Update: I’ve been visiting Dr Brian once a month since March 2018. He set me up with Invisalign and I am positively blown away with the results! I originally went in to see him to get dentures cause I was positive that my mouth was a lost cause. We explored that option and the Invisalign option. We decided that Invisalign was the way to go for me. We got started with the process right away and let me tell you what, he and his staff are amazing! They are ALL as excited about my progress as I am. I feel like a rockstar whenever I walk through the door. They all know me by name and smile and ask how everything is going. I have referred Dr Brian several times already and I will continue to do so. They really are the BEST!!!”

— “Billy via Facebook
Great dentist, great location! I love the view when I’m at this dental office. Plus,
you get a free massage while your getting taking care of!!! Very friendly staff and works with me every time I have something unexpected come up. Give them a try, you won’t regret ”

— “Tom via Google
My experience with Advanced Dental Care of Twin Falls was the best experience that I’ve ever had for dental care. I was in a sport accident while visiting Twin Falls. this resulted in a rather large molar that had to be extracted. From filling out new patient to leaving with smiles and thanks I believe that I may have been there an hour. That hour was filled with calming professionalism, an immaculate and great dental office but most important an extremely qualified dentist. I highly recommend Advanced Dental Care if you’re nervous about dentistry. You will be in the best and friendliest chair in Twin Falls. Thank you Dr. Rencher for making my experience not only pain free but an actual pleasure to have met you and the staff at Advanced Dental Care”

— “Rita via Facebook
I love Dr. Rencher and Miss Shelly. My granddaughter suffers from anxiety,this is the only place she can go and be ok. Miss Shelly is awesome, keeps small talk going so she’s comfortable. Kudos to Advanced Dental.”

— “Mary via Google
The best dental experience I’ve had in 60 years. Wonderful staff, and very gental with their patience.

I had a root canal and it was nothing like I’d experienced in the past. I’d totally recommend them to anyone looking for a new dentist for their family. Thank you Dr. Brian and staff, so glad I was referred to your office.”

— “Marco via Facebook
I really appreciate the level of professionalism and high quality care they provide.

The entire staff is friendly and inviting. Typically anytime I’ve been to the dentist there is some discomfort. I’ve experienced the least amount of discomfort when being worked on by the knowledgeable and skillful practitioners at Advanced Dental Care of TF! I would recommend anyone needing dental care to make an appointment here.”

— “Harlow via Facebook
RAVE to Advanced Dental Care of Twin Falls, finally went to the dentist to get my dental plan set up. I have extreme dental anxiety but Brook Lanting was a perfect tech and the dentist was kind! 10/10 will go back! Not only that but the front staff gave me a tour, explained how they do things, let me fill out my paperwork online (which is SO much QUICKER than paper!). They verified my insurance and talked to me about different procedures and wait times per my dental policy. I can’t rave enough, I have to have a tooth pulled and I’m not going to lie…I’m excited to get it handled because I know they’ll take great care of me!!!!”